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Welcome to Worship Team Auditions and thank you for your desire to serve on our team! We are committed to growing the worship culture of REVChurch and are looking for those who are gifted, committed, energetic and passionate about Jesus and making Him known to join us.


We’re now accepting all live worship auditions and are looking forward to getting to know you and hearing your gift!

See the songs and videos below to get prepared for your audition. Once ready, please record a video without any substantial backing track. Use headphones if you need to.

Please upload your video files to YouTube as "unlisted" and copy and paste your link(s) in an email to the music director -

Title your video(s) “YOUR NAME-REV MUSIC AUDITION.”

We will review your video(s) and contact you once we have decided if we will move you forward in the audition process. If you play multiple instruments and want to audition with them all, we ask that you submit video(s) for each. This includes vocalists who also play instruments.



Drums & Bass

You Make Me Brave - Bethel

Lead & Rhythm 

Lion and the Lamb by Leeland


Goodness Of God by Bethel


Reckless Love by Bethel

Living Hope by Passion

Male Vocal

Reckless Love by Bethel

Female Vocal

Holy Spirit by Bethel

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