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Heidi grohocki

Discipleship Director

Heidi, orginally from Montville CT, planted Revelation Church with Matt in 2012.  She and Matt are high school sweethearts and they hold the title of "Class Couple" in their 1995 yearbook. She is a graduate of Eastern CT State University with a Bachelors of Science in Child/Youth Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She worked as a dual certified basic and special-ed teacher in Florida for 7 years before they relocated their family of 5 back north to CT.  She and Matt have two biological sons and one "adopted through foster care" son.  At Rev, she is not only the Director of Discipleship but she also handles all things HR for the staff, assists the church treasurer, manages Pastor Matt's calendar, and manages the Outreach and Pastoral Care Ministry.  "I am only able to successfully take on this many roles because of the amazing team of volunteers who help me. They are selfless servants and are much appreciated."

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